Why Do Ticks Exist? Everything You Need to Know

Why Do Ticks Exist?

Ticks are a common insect that feed off the blood of many animals including humans. Their bites can create itchy abrasions and transmit serious tick-borne diseases. So why do ticks exist if they’re so problematic?

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The Problem with Ticks

Ticks are tiny parasitic insects. When they latch onto mammals, they’ll feed from the animal host’s blood until they’re full. Unfortunately, these pests can transfer diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Ticks are potentially dangerous, so many people use repellants or pest control to reduce the population around their homes.

The Multiple Reasons for Ticks’ Existence

Why do ticks exist? They’re an integral part of our ecosystem for the following reasons.

Food for Animals

Ticks might feed on people, pets, other mammals, birds, and reptiles, but they’re also a food source for other creatures. Guinea fowl, opossums, and wild turkeys are some of the animals that feed on ticks.

A Way to Check the Status of Different Ecosystems

These insects also play a significant role in science. Scientists worldwide monitor tick populations to learn about various ecosystem balances and imbalances.

Ticks are one of the environmental indicators that alert scientists of the possible overpopulation of certain small animals like rabbits and rodents. If tick populations are high in a specific region, other animal populations may also be high. Yet, low tick populations can indicate an influx of predators preying on small animals.

Population Control for Several Animals

Ticks carry diseases that help control animal populations. Infected tick bites can cause old or weak animals to die, giving healthier critters more space and resources to thrive.

Tips to Prevent Tick Bites

Despite their usefulness, ticks are still disease vectors, so it’s best to avoid tick bites when possible. You can protect yourself by following these tips:

  • Use Insect Repellent: Bug repellent targeting ticks can keep them away from your skin. Use it whenever you go outside.
  • Treat Your Yard: Ticks often come into residential yards from animal hosts. If you, your children, or your pets enjoy being in your yard, consider investing in professional pest control services to prevent tick infestations in your yard.
  • Wear the Right Clothing Outdoors: Wear long sleeves and pants whenever you’re hiking, walking in grassy areas, or camping in the woods to limit skin exposure and prevent tick bites.

Choose Nada Mosquito for Your New Jersey Home’s Tick Control 

Despite knowing the answer to “Why do ticks exist?” that doesn’t mean you must subject yourself to their bites. We at Nada Mosquito have years of experience providing garden, pet, and kid-safe pest control services that target different tick populations including white ticks. Our experienced technicians offer services from well-stocked mobile vans that travel all around New Jersey.

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