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Why Do Female Mosquitoes Need Blood? Expert Insights

Why Do Female Mosquitoes Need Blood?

Once outdoor temperatures increase, the likelihood of mosquitoes biting your exposed skin increases dramatically. These insects are parasites that feed on humans and other mammals, but why do female mosquitoes need blood?

mosquito control company in NJ like Nada Mosquito can help prevent these problematic insects from making it hard to enjoy your front or backyard. Our licensed professionals can also explain why female mosquitoes need a blood meal, which you can read more about in the post below.

Do All Mosquitoes Suck Blood?

Before answering “Why do female mosquitoes need blood?” it’s worth noting that only females are capable of biting anybody. Male mosquitoes lack the same mouth parts that allow female mosquitoes to take a blood meal. Instead of biting people and other animals, male mosquitoes will feed on flower nectar.

What Do Mosquitoes Need Blood For?

Female mosquitoes will suck blood because they need the nutrients from it to facilitate egg development for reproduction. Typically, female mosquitoes will produce about ten broods containing roughly 100 eggs within their lifetime. Having a nutritious meal is crucial for developing healthy eggs with a high chance of viability after mating.

To get the blood, a female mosquito will gently penetrate a person or animal’s skin using a proboscis. This insect’s proboscis has six needle-like components that make it easier to perforate the skin. Once one of those needle-like parts is in position, the mosquito will transfer its saliva into the animal’s bloodstream to prevent the blood from coagulating.

Due to how female mosquitoes feed, it’s also possible for them to introduce disease-causing pathogens to meals. The West Nile virus and malaria are the most common diseases that mosquito bites cause.

A common misconception about mosquitoes is that their bites alone are what produce the itchy raised bumps their bites cause. Yet it’s the saliva and its anticoagulation properties that cause welts to form on the skin.

Why Do Mosquitoes Prefer Human Blood?

So why do female mosquitoes enjoy human blood? Human blood is highly nutritious to mosquitoes. It contains an excellent combination of iron, proteins, and amino acids that these insects need to produce healthy eggs.

It’s also easier for mosquitoes to feed on people. Unlike many other mammals, people don’t have dense, furry skin.

Still, of the 3,500-plus mosquito species in the world, only 6% of them consider humans as a worthy blood meal. Though anybody can get a mosquito bite, these insects usually prefer blood from pregnant women or those with Type O blood.

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