Why Are Ticks So Hard To Kill? Tick Facts and Tips

Why Are Ticks So Hard To Kill?

If you’ve ever had an unfortunate experience with the persistence of ticks, you know how hard they can be to kill. In the quick article below, Nada Mosquito, a tick control company in NJ, will explain why ticks are so hard to kill and how you can dispose of them safely.

Reasons Ticks Are Hard To Kill

Difficulties in eliminating ticks stem from the fact that ticks are obstinate, durable, and built for survival. This is how ticks spread disease so quickly and effectively. The following are some of the challenges of killing ticks:

They Bury Their Heads Entirely

One major reason for tick resilience is that they dedicate themselves fully to drinking from their hosts. When drinking blood, a tick buries its head fully into the host, making removing and killing it a delicate process. Squeezing a tick will cause all the blood inside to flood back into the host, along with any diseases the tick carries.

Some Ticks Have Soft Bodies

While hard-body ticks are an irritant all on their own, soft-body ticks are the prime offenders. While you can pull all you want on a hard-body tick without the risk of it exploding, a soft-body tick presents far more danger to the host.

They Dump Their Contents When Squeezed

If you’ve ever tried squeezing a tick, you understand that doing so causes it to explode or expel the contents of its body into the bite. This is why squeezing a soft-body tick is so dangerous since it practically guarantees that whatever diseases the tick has are going right into the host’s blood. It’s important to practice proper tick removal procedures when getting a tick off your pet.

They Can Survive Underwater

You might think a tick will die when you flush it down the toilet, but that’s not the case. Ticks can survive underwater, even after being flushed down the toilet and sent through sewer pipes. If you want to kill a tick, it’s best to submerge it in something that kills bugs universally: alcohol.

They May Have Hard Skin

Hard-body ticks, unlike soft-body ticks, have a hard shell that makes them resistant to squeezing or squashing. While this is good for those who are trying to pull the tick off, it can be bad for those trying to kill a tick afterward. Squishing or flushing won’t kill the tick, so be sure to drop it in some alcohol to dispose of it properly.

Get Rid of Ticks Easily With Nada Mosquito Tick Removal Services

Learning how to know if a tick bite is serious and how to dispose of ticks once they’re removed are two of many ways you can help protect yourself and your pets from tick-borne diseases. If you’re interested in tick removal on your property, call Nada Mosquito, serving New Jersey. We specialize in tick and mosquito removal services, providing eco-friendly, pet-friendly pest eradication. Call us at 732-743-7129 to get started with your home pest removal project today!