Where Are Ticks Most Commonly Found? | Where Do Ticks Live?

If you’ve ever been hiking, it’s likely that your guide encouraged you to check for ticks afterward. Ticks feed and thrive on the blood of mammals, including humans and pets. Even worse, these pests carry various diseases that can plague hosts for a lifetime.

While it’s common to find ticks in wooded and grassy areas, these pests hunt for hosts in numerous areas. So where are ticks most commonly found? Learning about the different places these insects breed and hunt can help you avoid the risks of tick infection.

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Where Do Tick Populations Thrive?

Although some believe that ticks only thrive within wooded areas, these pests propagate in moist and humid environments or areas with plentiful hosts. While you’ll commonly find ticks within wooded areas at higher elevations, they could also thrive in your own backyard.

Since these pests rely on hosts for food, you can usually find them low to the ground or hidden within natural debris. Other common places where you can find ticks include:

  • High grass
  • Shrubbery
  • Wooded areas
  • Piles of dead leaves
  • Branches and wood piles
  • Moisture-retaining structures like stone walls and fences
  • Bird feeders or other locations where potential hosts are commonly found

How Ticks Hunt and Feed

Understanding tick hunting and feeding behaviors can help you learn how to avoid their diseases.

It’s a common misconception that ticks can fly and jump from one host to another. In fact, these pests only crawl and climb. Nevertheless, they increase mobility by utilizing hosts to travel farther distances.

Adult ticks are also passive hunters, opting for a technique called “questing,” where they watch and wait for prey. They identify potential hosts by sensing the CO2 that mammals exhale when they breathe.

Different Types of Ticks

It’s impossible to answer the question, “Where are ticks most commonly found?” without discussing different tick types.

American Dog Tick

While the American Dog Tick prefers to breed outdoors, these pests can find their way inside and feed on several hosts before departing. Check your dogs for ticks after going outside.

Deer Tick

The Deer Tick thrives in wooded areas. These are the pests most people risk contact with during a hike or mountain journey. Avoid tall grass and common deer paths to steer clear of these ticks.

Lone Star Tick

The Lone Star Tick actively hunts prey rather than utilizing the questing method. This species can travel long distances to identify a host.

Soft Tick

Soft ticks prefer hot and dry spaces to humid areas. Commonly found under floorboards and between walls, these ticks can reproduce and thrive within your home.

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