What To Do if a Tick Head Is Stuck in Your Skin

Ticks are troublesome pests that carry several dangerous diseases. They can burrow their heads into your skin and break them off as they try to escape after feeding. Fortunately, you can remove tick heads safely and effectively once you understand the proper techniques.

Nada Mosquito is here to explain what to do if a tick head is stuck in your skin. Nada Mosquito is New Jersey’s expert tick control company. If your New Jersey property experiences a tick infestation and you need professional tick control services, contact Nada Mosquito.

How To Remove a Tick Head Within Your Skin

Sometimes, a tick’s head detaches from its body once it penetrates your skin, increasing the chances of infection. Thankfully, you’re less likely to contract tick-borne diseases if the head separates from its body. That said, you must remove the tick head as soon as possible to decrease infection risk and prevent several other health issues.

Follow the steps below to learn what to do if a tick head is stuck in your skin.

Step One: Widen the Entry Point

Tick heads often lodge deep within your skin and sometimes require you to widen the entry point to remove them successfully. Use rubbing alcohol to sterilize a needle and use it to expand the hole around the head.

Step Two: Grab the Head With Fine-Tipped Tweezers

Once you widen the entry point, firmly grab the tick head with fine-tipped tweezers. Always sterilize the tweezers before attempting to remove the head.

Step Three: Pull the Head Out

Next, use the tweezers to pull the tick’s head out of your skin. Don’t pull the head at an angle since it makes the process harder and leaves more room for error. After removing the tick head, thoroughly clean the wound to prevent infection and other potential health problems.

Step Four: Seek Medical Attention

Although tick heads don’t spread diseases as effectively as a full-bodied tick, they can still transmit pathogens and illnesses, especially if they’ve been in your skin for more than 24 hours. After removing the tick head, seek professional medical advice and keep a lookout for disease symptoms for at least a month.

If you can’t remove the tick head yourself, contact a doctor as soon as possible. Again, the longer you leave the tick head in your body, the higher the chances of infection and diseases.

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