What Scents Do Mosquitoes Hate? Mosquito-Repelling Scents

What Scents Do Mosquitoes Hate?

Whether you’re going on a camping trip or just hanging out in your yard, mosquitoes have us squarely in their crosshairs once the warm weather hits. When it comes to repelling them, answering the question, “What scents do mosquitoes hate?” is a good place to start. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, let New Jersey’s trusted mosquito control service explain the best scents that deter mosquitoes and how to use them to your advantage.

1. Lemongrass

Because the mosquito life cycle is so short, having constant sources of repelling smells for mosquitoes on your property can help keep their populations at bay. Lemongrass may be a refreshing scent for us, popular as an ingredient in dish soaps and essential oils, but is also among the top fragrances detested by mosquitoes. The CDC has declared that lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass are great mosquito deterrents. If you want a nice scent throughout your home while telling mosquitoes to buzz off, lemongrass is a reliable option.

2. Peppermint

Normally a nice smell for refreshing a house, this scent is one of the many fresh aromas disliked by mosquitoes. During your cleaning routine, integrating peppermint essential oils into your routine can go a long way in not only making your house smell a touch minty but also keeping mosquitoes from your living space. If you enjoy peppermint outside the Christmas season, having a diffuser pumping peppermint into the air is not a bad idea.

3. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most pleasant odors hated by mosquitoes and other insects. If you already have a few mosquito bites, you can use lavender oil to help relieve your itch and give your skin a calming, floral smell.

4. Citronella

You may already be familiar with citronella’s ability to repel mosquitoes. As a natural ingredient in mosquito repellant, citronella is even better at the job than its lemongrass cousin. Much like lavender, citronella also serves as an effective relieving agent for mosquito bites. Dab a bit on your bite to reduce itching.

5. Basil

If you have basil around as a kitchen ingredient, you’re in luck. One of the best mosquito-repellent scents available is the basil herb, whether it be finely ground or concentrated in an essential oil for use around your home. If you have a garden, it isn’t a bad idea to grow some basil of your own so that you can have it for the summertime seasons, whether to season meats or ward off bugs.

Repel Mosquitoes Properly With Nada Mosquito

Given the harm that mosquitoes can pose to your pets and children, it’s no wonder mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest creatures for potential disease. While DIY solutions can help, specialists can give you the ultimate peace of mind you deserve. Nada Mosquito offers pest control services to the New Jersey area for ticks and mosquitoes. If you’re ready to remove pests from your property with eco-friendly maintenance, call Nada Mosquito at 732-743-7129 and get started with your treatment plan today.