What Does a Tick Look Like: Brief Guide

Despite their size, ticks are among the most harmful parasites humans can encounter outdoors. These arachnids carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other harmful toxins. So, what does a tick look like in the wild?

At Nada Mosquito, we can help you learn how to identify these pests. Our technicians have years of experience locating and eliminating ticks. Below is a brief guide on ticks and when you should schedule tick control service in New Jersey.

How to Identify a Tick

Identifying a tick can be more challenging than it seems. These arachnids are smaller than a dime and bite the skin of their hosts until they fall off. If a tick gets into your hair or your pet’s fur, you may struggle to find it without a comb.

These pests look like a cross between a spider and a tiny crab. They have eight legs and round abdomens that expand when they feed.

Life Stages of a Tick

What does a tick look like during each life stage?

Adult females lay between 1,500 to 5,000 eggs at a time. Once they hatch into a larva, they may be no larger than a grain of sand.

As the tick develops, it enters the nymph stage, becoming the size of a poppy seed. At the latest point in the life cycle, adult ticks can grow to about the size of a fingernail.

Remember that tick-borne diseases are transmissible at any point in their life cycle. It’s best to call a professional pest control technician if you find any signs of these parasites on your property.

How Many Tick Variations Exist?

Researchers are still finding new tick species around the world every year. Biologists recognize hundreds of species in just the United States alone. Some of the most common variations include the deer, brown dog, and black-legged tick. 

The Difference Between Female and Male Ticks

A few distinctions separate adult female ticks from adult male ticks. For example, females tend to be slightly larger, and their dorsal shields only cover a fraction of their abdomen. This evolutionary trait enables them to expand when they feed.

When feeding, engorged ticks can grow to the size of a raisin.

Avoiding Ticks

Wearing long sleeves and hats while outside can prevent ticks from landing on exposed skin. Additionally, certain EPA-approved pesticides may be effective at deterring these arachnids.

Most professionals recommend investing in a pest control service to reduce the threat of ticks in your yard.

At Nada Mosquito, we provide fast and efficient service whenever you need it. Our technicians know to track down ticks and prevent them from multiplying on your property. You can feel safe knowing we have all the tools to protect your home from parasites.

Schedule an inspection from our team to discover your property’s risk of ticks to pets. We can resolve your problem quickly with professionalism and attention to detail.

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