What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To: A Brief Guide

What are mosquitoes attracted to? Anyone to suffer from itchy mosquito bites knows these pesky insects can’t seem to get away from human skin. Find out the different reasons these nuisance bugs love to feast on you and the science behind it.

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Human Blood

Female mosquitoes feed on blood to gain the necessary nutrients for laying eggs. The blood in your body attracts mosquitoes, but research indicates those with type O blood may draw more mosquitoes than those with type A blood.

Carbon Dioxide

What are mosquitoes attracted to most? Turns out, it’s your breath.

When you breathe, you exhale carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, mosquitoes love the smell of this, tracking carbon dioxide output from both humans and animals to find a host body where they can feed.

Although breathing is necessary, there are a few ways to avoid emitting too much carbon dioxide when mosquitoes are near. Exercise and heavy breathing cause more carbon dioxide output, so be mindful of mosquitoes when doing outdoor workouts. Avoid such activities at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes tend to be most active.

Skin Odors

Just as mosquitoes can smell carbon dioxide from your breath, they detect odors on your skin as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can mask the scent with perfume. In fact, mosquitoes smell odors released from bacteria, lactic acid, and ammonia within your body.

People with higher levels of fatty acids tend to attract more mosquitoes, according to one research study. Sweating produces stronger odor releases from your body, therefore drawing more pests.

Certain Food and Beverages

Your diet plays a role in the body odors you emit.

The compounds in alcohol, especially beer, are wildly enticing to mosquitoes. Similarly, bananas contain sugars that insects can’t resist. Limit your susceptibility to bites by keeping these choices out of your diet.

Various Clothing

In addition to their sense of smell to track blood, carbon dioxide, and skin odors, mosquitoes also use their vision. They hunt by seeking out contrasting colors on clothing. You may be able to avoid bites by wearing similar colors.

Dressing in loose fabric reduces the chance of bits, while tighter clothes give mosquitoes easier access to your skin. Covering up is an easy way to keep these pests away by limiting skin exposure.

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