Managing Ticks Inside the House: Five Tips

Ticks can cause several problems, and when they get inside your home, it increases the risks of bites and diseases. Luckily, you can implement a few key steps to prevent ticks from entering your home.

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1. Treat Pets

Ticks can enter your home by latching onto your pets in outdoor environments and staying with them when they come inside. Checking your pet’s fur for ticks after they spend time outside or in tall grass can help you spot, remove, and dispose of ticks. Additionally, treating your pet with an animal-safe tick repellent reduces the likelihood of ticks latching to their fur and surviving long enough to enter the house.

2. Perform Checks

Catching and removing ticks as soon as possible keeps your family safe. After spending time outside, implement routine visual checks by following the steps provided by the USDA to identify ticks on anyone in your home. Note that ticks most commonly appear in areas such as joints, scalps, belly buttons, armpits, and ears.

If you find or remove ticks inside the house, flush them down the toilet to ensure they die and leave your home. You can also use natural remedies like table salt, boric acid, bleach, or dish detergent to attract and kill any others that may appear inside.

3. Avoid Tall Grass

Most species of ticks live in tall grass and heavy brush. Perform thorough checks after spending time in these areas or avoid entering environments without the proper protection. If your home environment attracts ticks, you can also call a professional pest control company for protective treatments and landscaping structures.

4. Wear Protective Clothing

Long sleeves, long pants, hats, gloves, closed-toe shoes, and tall socks make it more difficult for ticks to find any skin to latch onto. Wear this clothing when you know the environment has a high risk of ticks. Protecting yourself outside makes it less likely that you bring ticks back inside with you.

5. Wash and Dry Clothing

Checking your clothing for ticks before going inside and washing and drying them properly prevents them from living in your home. Begin by placing any clothes you wore outside in the dryer on high heat for about ten minutes before placing them in the washing machine. This kills any ticks that may have latched on. After, you can wash and dry them as normal.

Tick Control Services with Nada Mosquito

Preventing the occurrence of ticks inside your house reduces the chances of tick bites and tick-borne diseases for you and your family. Contact our experts at Nada Mosquito for professional tick control services and advice on how to keep ticks out of your home and what to do if you find a tick on you.

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