Eco-Friendly Mosquito and Tick Control in Belmar, NJ

Safeguard your outdoor haven in Belmar, NJ with Nada Mosquito’s exceptional mosquito and tick control services. Our expert team combines innovative techniques and eco-friendly practices to effectively combat mosquitoes and ticks, ensuring a pest-free environment for you to enjoy. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to creating a safe outdoor space, Nada Mosquito is your trusted partner in providing reliable mosquito and tick control services.

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Best Mosquito Control in
Belmar, NJ

Combat mosquito infestations with Nada Mosquito’s exceptional mosquito control services. Our experienced team utilizes advanced techniques and eco-friendly practices to effectively eliminate mosquitoes, creating a comfortable outdoor environment. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to mosquito-free spaces, Nada Mosquito is your trusted partner for reliable mosquito control services.

Best Tick Control in
Belmar, NJ

Employing a team of dedicated experts, Nada Mosquito delivers exceptional tick control services by the shore. By implementing eco-friendly methods and strategic tick repellents, we create a safer outdoor environment, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of Belmar without the worry of tick-related health risks. Trust Nada Mosquito for reliable tick control services in Belmar, NJ, and reclaim peace of mind in your outdoor spaces.


Whether you’re looking for protection all season long or a one-time treatment, we’ve got you covered! Our licensed technicians and quality, safe treatments will transform your property into a pest-free oasis. Click below to explore our affordable treatment options!

Seasonal Package


SAVE $60!

Includes 6 Treatments


By Request


One Time Service

Protect your property with our safe and effective treatments and pay service-by-service!


Nada Mosquito is your friendly, local team of pest-control experts who are committed to protecting families, businesses, and pets from mosquitoes and ticks. We’re proud to offer affordable and friendly services so everyone can enjoy their yard safely all season long!

Yes! All treatments are performed with safety as our #1 priority. All sprays used by Nada Mosquito are safe for children and pets alike.

All treatments by Nada Mosquito are eco-friendly, and will not damage your property. Our sprays are made with safe and effective ingredients with the environment in mind.

Paying treatment-by-treatment is a great option for those who are looking for protection for an event or want to give our service a try before signing up for seasonal treatments.

We’re proud to offer a low price of $79.99 per treatment, performed once every 3 weeks.

Our seasonal treatment package will keep your property protected throughout peak pest season. Enjoy your yard or outdoor property safely and bite-free!

Seasonal protection is just $420. That’s a $60 savings from treatment-by-treatment. Start early to get the most out of this season!


See what members of the Nada family had to say about our quality treatments and team.


The tech did an amazing job. We haven’t seen a mosquito since and will definitely continue treatments. Worth every penny!

- Will S.


They worked around my schedule and were respectful of our property. Excellent customer service!!

- Amy B.


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-Customer Name

Nada Mosquito

As a family-owned business and NJ locals ourselves, we know the value of quality time outdoors. We formed Nada Mosquito with the goal of helping you protect your loved ones affordably while working with a friendly and personable team. We take pride in keeping NJ families and businesses safe with our quality treatments and stellar customer service.

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