How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Rain Barrels

Summer in New Jersey means wet and humid weather, leaving residents to utilize rain barrels for a variety of needs. Whether you’re collecting water to reuse later or keeping water out of certain areas of your yard, water in your rain barrel can attract mosquitoes.

Every year, these pests show up in an inconvenient mass and flock to any body of water that suits them, including rain barrels. With mosquitoes comes the risk of germs, diseases, and itchy bites, so you may be wondering how to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels. 

Nada Mosquito, New Jersey’s mosquito control service, has the answers you need to keep your yard mosquito free.

Why Are Mosquitoes Drawn to Rain Barrels?

Mosquitoes often gather around rain barrels because they’re full of water. These pesky insects love water, so much so that it’s the only way they can reproduce. The surface of the water in pools, ponds, and rain barrels is an ideal environment for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

When a rain barrel overflows with water or you leave the water to stand, it can quickly turn into a ripe breeding ground. This goes doubly so during humid summers, so keeping mosquitoes out of the rain barrel is crucial.

The Best Ways to Cut Mosquitoes Off from Water

One way to reduce the presence of mosquitoes around rain barrels is to consider the design. Rain barrels come in many shapes and sizes, but not all are created with mosquito control in mind. Sometimes you can make a simple adjustment to keep mosquitoes out; other times, a new rain barrel might be in your best interest.

If you want to prevent mosquitoes from populating in or around your rain barrel, consider these options:

  • Avoid a decorative rain barrel lid that traps water
  • Screen the overflow port
  • Cover the intake opening
  • Drain water from the valve
  • Clean the inside with dish soap

If you want to know how to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels, you can’t forget about maintenance. You should use standing rainwater as soon as possible. Otherwise, mosquitoes will gather around the standing water and lay eggs.

Risks of Mosquitoes Multiplying Around Rain Barrels

Dealing with the occasional mosquito is annoying enough. With mosquitoes swarming in the same area — such as around a rain barrel — the situation can become dangerous.

On top of being a nuisance, rapid mosquito growth carries health risks. About a dozen species of mosquitoes can carry germs or viruses; some have carried diseases that ultimately led to Zika or malaria outbreaks.

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Our best advice for how to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels is to contact your trusted pest control company in New Jersey. At Nada Mosquito, we have several solutions to combat mosquitoes in your area, including mosquito dunks and mosquito misting systems.

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