How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Front Door

Imagine you’re lying in bed and just about to fall asleep when you hear a high-pitched buzzing. We’ve all been there and can identify the uniquely annoying insect long before turning on the lights. You may lie there wondering how it got in if your windows all have screens, but the real question is how to keep mosquitoes away from front doors.

Your doors, especially your front door (the one you arguably use the most), provide full access inside when opened, unlike screened windows. Therefore, the trick to getting them out of your home is getting them away from your door. Our Nada Mosquito team, #1 in mosquito control services in New Jersey, will tell you how.

Keep Foliage at Bay

Many residents love the look of an overgrown flower garden and lush foliage hanging from every corner since it creates a forest-like feel. However, they’re also a haven for mosquitoes since the tall grass blades and thick leaves shelter them from scorching sun rays and abrasive wind. They latch on, using the space to hide and breed. By cutting your grass and trimming plants, they’ll have no choice but to move on.

Reduce Stagnant Water on Your Property

Standing water is the breeding ground mosquitoes prefer the most. The females lay eggs on the surface of shallow, unmoving water, which is delicate enough to protect them until they hatch and create a new swarm on your property. By removing the water in the following spots, you’ll reduce the population not only in your yard but entering your home:

  • Items lying around that catch rainwater, like tire rims, vacant flower pots, buckets, barrels, and lawn ornaments
  • Gutters and downspouts that hold puddles after a storm 
  • Constantly filled containers like pet bowls, fountains, and bird baths that need regular water emptying and refilling

Incorporate Natural Outdoor Repellents

Knowing how to keep mosquitoes away from front doors includes not only removing stuff from your property but adding to it as well. Certain plants emit smells that don’t agree with these disease-carrying mosquitoes, including eucalyptus, which produce linalool and geraniol. The scent of these chemicals deters the flying nuisances just as much as lemongrass, chili peppers, lavender, geraniums, and rosemary.

Bring Repelling Scents Indoors

As an added precaution, consider bringing some of these scents indoors in the form of cut flowers, candles, diffusers, or cleaning products. Citronella, an oil found in lemongrass and many other plants, is arguably the #1 scent for deterring bugs like these. By using this and other deterring scents, especially around doorways, you can get rid of mosquitoes more easily.

No Mosquitoes, No Exception! It’s in Our Name!

Knowing how to repel mosquitoes is an art form that takes years of studying and field experience to understand.

At Nada Mosquito, our family-owned team has that and more to guarantee results. When DIY solutions like using essential oils to keep mosquitoes away aren’t enough, call the experts for environmentally friendly sprays and stations at 732-743-7129. We know how to keep mosquitoes away from front doors in New Jersey!