How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From the Pool

Nothing ruins an evening in your backyard like swarms of mosquitoes. Families who own a pool know that the source of so much summer fun often attracts great swarms of mosquitoes, biting arms and legs and making people pass on an evening barbecue for a safer interior. If you often wonder how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool, you’ll feel better knowing you can take steps to lower the chances of encountering these irritating insects.

Check out these tips from New Jersey’s mosquito control experts.

Why Do I Have Mosquitoes in My Pool?

Pools act like ponds, offering mosquitoes a large area of standing water that only moves when people swim or the system’s pump runs. As a pool’s condition deteriorates, it attracts more mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water. If left alone too long, pools can also develop the starting stages of algae while collecting leaves, dirt, and sticks.

Keep Mosquitoes From Your Pool With These Tips

While the stagnant water of a pool can prove a great breeding ground for mosquitoes, other conditions can attract these insects. Use the following tips to keep mosquitoes away from the pool so you can properly enjoy it again.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water of any kind can attract mosquitoes. Birdbaths, puddles, and backed-up gutters form sections of stagnant water perfect for egg laying. Keep mosquito reproduction at bay by emptying areas of standing water and repairing any components of your house or yard that encourage water collection.

Keep Your Pool in Good Condition

Proper pool maintenance keeps the water in such good condition that mosquitoes can’t safely lay their eggs in it. Regular pool care reduces the likelihood of a mosquito infestation because a running pool pump and correct chemical composition make the waters much less conducive to reproduction.

Place a Pool Cover Over the Top

Placing a cover over your pool between uses discourages mosquitoes. Homeowners who don’t want to deal with a typical plastic apparatus can opt for a solar cover, which blankets the surface of the water with a bubble wrap-like material. While protecting the water, these covers soak up and distribute the sun’s heat into the pool.

Use Mosquito Repellents

A great way to keep mosquitoes away from a pool involves spraying mosquito repellents on the grounds and structures nearest your pool. This will kill adult mosquitoes currently in the area and any eggs or mosquitoes in their larval stages. Exterminators can also place larvicides in the water to kill future eggs laid.

Enjoy a Bite-free New Jersey Summer With Nada Mosquito

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