How Many Types of Mosquitoes Are There?

After a summer of itchy mosquito bites, you might wonder how many types of mosquitoes are there and how you can prevent them next year.

The best way to prevent bites is with mosquito control in NJ, so you can keep yourself and your family safe and protected from the many different species of mosquitoes.

Common Mosquito Species

Yellow Fever

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is a common species found across the United States. Aedes lay their eggs one at a time and cannot survive the cold weather.

Aedes mosquitoes bite even during the day and typically prefer biting humans over animals. Regarding disease transmission, the Yellow Fever Mosquito spreads viruses like Zika, Yellow Fever, and Dengue.

Culex Pipiens

The Culex pipiens mosquito is responsible for spreading dangerous diseases like the Western or Eastern encephalitis virus. Additionally, they’re common carriers for West Nile Virus.

These mosquitoes are found practically everywhere in the United States, and they tend to lay eggs near standing water, biting humans at dusk and night.

Asian Tiger

The following species of mosquito that may be nagging your yard is the Asian Tiger mosquito. This species can survive in cold weather and become dormant before re-entering the world in the Spring.

This mosquito species spreads chikungunya, dengue, and heartworms, commonly affecting dogs.


The Anopheles mosquitoes are different because they can lay up to 200 eggs simultaneously. Typically, this species lays its eggs in shallow water.

This type of mosquito transmits malaria and tends to bite people at night. However, this species is not common in New Jersey.

How Mosquitoes Spread Disease

Not all mosquitoes spread dangerous illnesses and germs. After all, some mosquitoes are simply an annoyance.

However, there is the possibility that mosquito bites can carry germs and get you sick. This might leave you wondering, how do mosquitoes get and spread these diseases?

It starts when the mosquito feeds on the blood meal from an infected animal or person. Then, the germs linger inside the insect, multiplying and becoming present in its saliva.

When a mosquito bites someone, its saliva passes the germs to the bitten animal or person, exposing them to the germs, which can infect the subject.

How to Keep All Species of Mosquitoes Away

With the plethora of transmittable diseases in mind, it makes sense that homeowners want to keep mosquitoes away from their homes and loved ones. Luckily, there are interventions New Jersey homeowners can take to repel pests.

One of the ways professional pest control experts get rid of pesky mosquitos is with an eco-friendly spray. When applied to the yard, this spray safely repels ticks and mosquitoes from the area around your home. Better yet, the treatment is kid and pet-friendly, so the things you love most stay safe and protected.

When you need answers to questions, such as what climate mosquitoes like and how many types of mosquitoes are there, trust reliable pest control experts for answers. Nada Mosquito is your friendly pest control team ready to provide services.

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