How Many People Do Mosquitoes Kill a Year?

How Many People Do Mosquitoes Kill a Year?

Mosquitoes often come across as minor irritants that make your evening outdoors a bit less pleasant. So you may be surprised to hear that they are the deadliest of all the animals in the world. How many people do mosquitoes kill a year?

Nada Mosquito, the premier choice for mosquito control in NJ, covers the details in this post.

Mosquitoes: The Indirect Deadly Killers

Mosquitoes don’t kill anyone directly. However, they act as carriers for various diseases—many of them capable of causing immense suffering and death in affected patients. So, how many people do mosquitoes kill each year?

According to many sources, mosquitoes cause over one million deaths annually by infecting people with a range of diseases. Those numbers seem staggering because even snakes (100,000 deaths annually) and sharks (10 deaths annually) don’t cause anywhere that many casualties per year.

The most dangerous diseases that mosquitoes cause include the following:

  • Malaria. This mosquito-borne disease causes 600,000 deaths per year. It ranks as one of the biggest killers of infants in vulnerable regions.
  • Dengue fever. Around 100 to 400 million dengue cases occur globally each year. The severe form, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, kills around 40,000 people annually.
  • Yellow fever. Yellow fever kills over 30,000 people annually. The numbers have fallen in recent years due to the widespread use of vaccines.
  • Japanese encephalitis. This viral infection causes over 20,000 deaths across the world, predominantly in Asia.
  • Zika virus. Unlike the others on this list, this disease is rarely fatal. Still, it causes a few dozen deaths annually among patients living in vulnerable areas.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Deadly?

Mosquitoes are so deadly because they thrive in many parts of the world, especially in warm, humid climates. This means they thrive in more than 60 countries, and over two billion people face the risk of mosquito bites at any time. A significant portion of that number will get bitten as mosquitoes breed quickly.

Additionally, mosquitoes spread diseases very efficiently. A single mosquito species can carry more than one disease.

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes can’t transmit diseases without biting you. Health officials recommend doing the following to keep them from biting you:

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants when you’re outdoors.
  • Use insect repellent if wearing long sleeves and pants is not practical.
  • Keep your lawn well-maintained to reduce hiding spots for mosquitoes.
  • Eliminate standing water around your property.
  • Plant mosquito-repelling plants like catnip and citronella around your property.

Get Professional Help for Mosquitoes Today

How many people do mosquitoes kill a year? Far too many.

As you’ve probably found out, mosquitoes are some of the most resilient pests you’ll encounter. All your efforts to prevent mosquito bites might still not stop them from breeding around your property. That’s where we come in!

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