How Long Does a Mosquito Live? - What You Need To Know

How Long Does a Mosquito Live? – What You Need To Know

The summer months are by far the most comfortable for most people. The warm weather allows you to spend more time outdoors, embarking on new adventures or relaxing with your family. However, those evening BBQ sessions can quickly become uncomfortable when the mosquitoes descend.

If you’ve eliminated stagnant water and tried every DIY approach to rid your home of pests, you may feel like waiting for nature to run its course and eliminate them. But how long does a mosquito live? Should you just hire experts in mosquito control services in New Jersey and let them work on getting rid of these buggers? We’ll cover all the details.

The Lifespan of a Mosquito

The short answer to “How long does a mosquito live?” is: “It depends.” The lifespan of mosquitoes largely hinges on the species.

Common species of mosquitoes in New Jersey, like the Asian tiger mosquito, have an average lifespan of 30-40 days. Also, mature female mosquitoes tend to live longer than males. Some female mosquitoes live up to 100 days, while males rarely live beyond a week.

When you consider that female mosquitoes lay up to 100 eggs at once, you can understand why they are so difficult to eradicate.

Another important factor in the lifespan of a mosquito is the seasons. In the winter, male mosquitoes die off once the temperatures dip below 50 degrees. However, since they don’t bite, their death changes little about your comfort in the summer.

The females that bite you can survive the cold weather by hibernating in the ground or hollow logs. They can stay in hibernation for up to six months.

How Long Does a Mosquito Live After a Bite?

Some people erroneously believe mosquitoes, like bees, die after biting someone. In reality, female mosquitoes will thrive even more if they continuously feed on blood.

How Long Does a Mosquito Live Inside Your Home?

If a mosquito moves from your lawn or back yard into your home, you can expect it to complete its lifecycle even more comfortably.

Inside the shelter of your home, they can avoid predators. They can also find more favorable breeding grounds in your bathroom or kitchen.

How Long Will a Mosquito Live Without Blood?

An adult mosquito lives up to three weeks even if it doesn’t feed on blood. Female mosquitoes don’t need blood to survive. Preventing bites only inhibits their ability to reproduce.

You should also remember that these mosquitoes can feed on blood from other vertebrates, such as household pets or farm animals.

So, how long does a mosquito live? Far longer than you think!

Highly Effective Mosquito Control Services in New Jersey

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