How Long Can Ticks Live on Clothing?

Ticks are pesky creatures that many people encounter when exploring the great outdoors. Deer ticks, blacklegged ticks, and anything in between can attach to your exposed skin and feed on your blood, and can even infect you with deadly diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

Ticks can cause countless problems, and so many people ask, “How long can ticks live on clothing?” Ticks can live on clothing for up to one year. Household temperatures usually kill them off within days, however.

New Jersey’s tick control experts at Nada Mosquito can provide more information about tick lifespan, whether or not ticks can bite through clothing, and how you can keep your clothes tick-free.

Will Clothing Protect Me From Ticks?

Many people who ask, “How long can ticks live on clothing?” understand the importance of long-sleeved, protective clothing. Ticks can stick to your body unless you wear long shirts, pants, or other forms of clothing that cover your bare skin. However, ticks can also crawl under clothes.

Avoid loose-fitting clothing, and always check your clothes after spending time in a tick-prone area. It’s also important to consider which clothing items you’re wearing, as some might be more tick proof than others.


Socks provide ample resistance to ticks, as their material prevents ticks from accessing your skin. Take care to wear thick, long socks, however, and consider tucking your pant legs into them.


While jeans themselves provide more than enough protection from tick bites, it’s all too possible for ticks to crawl under a pant leg. Cover all of your bare skin to prevent any ticks from making you their next blood meal.

How to Keep Your Clothes Tick-Free

It’s one thing to understand the answer to the question, “How long can ticks live on clothing?” However, preventing tick bites before they happen is the best strategy for avoiding tick-related issues. There are countless ways to keep your clothes tick-free.

Insect Repellent

Commercial tick repellents, such as DEET and Permethrin, excel at protecting clothes from ticks. These chemicals kill ticks the moment they make contact with your clothes. You can purchase insect repellent at outdoor supply shops, pharmacies, and some grocery stores.

Use the Dryer

Ticks can survive washing machine cycles, but the heat from a dryer will kill them. Wash your clothes with hot water, and then place them in the dryer for ten or more minutes. Many homeowners don’t consider this incredible technique when asking, “How long can ticks live on clothing?”

Professional Tick Control in New Jersey

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