How Long Can a Tick Live Without a Host

How Long Can a Tick Live Without a Host?

Ticks are a major concern during the warmer months. They attach to you or your pets and may hang on to your clothes waiting for an opportunity to reach your skin. They are also stubborn to get rid of because they mostly feed on blood. But how long can a tick live without a host?

The answer depends on the tick species. Many ticks can live without a host for a very long time. Your local tick control experts in New Jersey will look at the survival chances of common tick species in this post.

Deer Ticks or Black-legged Ticks

Deer ticks are tiny black species that carry a range of diseases, including the highly debilitating Lyme disease. They can live up to two years in warm climates without a host. However, deer ticks in cold climates can only survive for a few months.

Lone Star Ticks

These ticks are slightly larger. You can identify them by the signature white dots on their backs. They also carry a range of diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lone star ticks can live without a host for up to two years.

Wood Ticks

Wood ticks are one of the fastest-spreading tick species you can encounter. They can lay up to 5,000 eggs at once. If you’re asking, “How long can a tick live without a host?” prepare to be wowed by the wood tick.

The larvae can last 117 days without attaching to a host. Adult ticks in this group can go a whopping 600 days without a host. Their longevity without a host and the number of eggs they lay make them hard to get rid of.

American Dog Ticks

This species of tick is the largest you can encounter in New Jersey. They don’t transmit as many diseases as other popular species, but they can still give you Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other diseases. American dog ticks can live outside a host for as long as one year.

Brown Dog Ticks 

Brown dog ticks also spread quickly. They can lay up to 3,000 eggs per year. The larvae live up to eight months after hatching. The nymphs last three months with a host. Adult brown dog ticks can go up to 18 months without a host.

How To Avoid Becoming a Tick Host

You can avoid a tick bite by doing the following:

  • Wearing insect repellent when headed outdoors
  • Wearing long sleeves and trousers when walking on pathways with long grasses
  • Keeping to footpaths where possible
  • Wearing light-colored clothes so you can spot ticks quickly
  • Removing any ticks you find on your clothes immediately

Effective Tick Removal Services From a Local Company You Can Trust

Finding a tick anywhere on your property can be scary, knowing how fast they breed. However, at Nada Mosquito, we are experts at defusing that pent-up fear. Our eco-friendly tick removal solutions can help you eliminate them. Act fast! Stop asking, “How long can a tick live without a host?”

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