How Fast Do Mosquitoes Reproduce? - A Brief Guide

How Fast Do Mosquitoes Reproduce? – A Brief Guide

Eliminating mosquitoes often feels like an impossible task. They seem to overcome any difficulties you place in their path—at least on paper. In reality, mosquitoes are not resilient.

They only seem to thrive because new mosquito populations replace dying ones in a seemingly endless loop. So, how fast do mosquitoes reproduce? Your mosquito control experts in New Jersey will cover the details in this guide.

The Mosquito Reproduction Cycle

There are four stages to a mosquito’s lifecycle:

The Egg

Some species of female mosquitoes lay eggs directly on water. Other species lay eggs as close to water as possible. Without water, the eggs can’t hatch. Most eggs hatch within two to three days of immersion in water. Incredibly, eggs laid on dry surfaces can survive years without hatching.

The Larvae

After the mosquito eggs hatch, the larvae will emerge. Mosquito larvae feed on bacteria, algae, and protozoa for a week or up to ten days before progressing to the pupal stage.

The Pupa

Mosquito pupae do not eat. Instead, they hang around a nearby water source to breathe in air. The average mosquito pupa will remain in this stage for one to three days before an adult can emerge.

The Adult

Adult mosquitoes will emerge from the pupae after three days. Upon emergence, they will start feeding on nectar and fruit juices. The female mosquitoes go hunting for blood almost immediately.

Adult Mosquito Breeding

How fast do mosquitoes reproduce? Mosquitoes start breeding around 28 hours after the adult leaves the pupa stage. After mating, a female mosquito will continue to lay eggs every third night for the rest of its lifespan.

Each female lays 50-500 eggs per brood. The first brood often has the most eggs. Freshly laid mosquito eggs are white, but they darken within 24 hours.

The eggs hatch within two to three days, continuing the cycle.

How To Inhibit Mosquito Reproduction

One of the first things to notice about mosquito life cycles is that they depend on the presence of water. Thus, you can inhibit mosquito reproduction by:

  • Removing all sources of standing water around the home, such as old buckets, tires, flower pot trays, and more
  • Changing the water in pet bowls and birdbaths every week
  • Installing moving elements around decorative ponds to ward off mosquitoes and other insects
  • Growing more fish in ponds to reduce larvae populations
  • Cleaning your gutters regularly

Another way to inhibit mosquito reproduction is to prevent mosquito bites. Female mosquitoes can’t breed without blood. You can prevent bites by sealing gaps in your home and installing mosquito killer lamps and other traps around your property.

And don’t forget: Blood from your pets and farm animals is just as attractive.

Eliminate Adult Mosquitoes and Eggs Effectively

At Nada Mosquito, we make sure homeowners in New Jersey never have to ask, “How fast do mosquitoes reproduce?” Our expert solutions eliminate all mosquito eggs and adults around your property.

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