How Effective Are Natural Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks?

As mosquitoes begin swarming, you look for an instant repellent method. But bug sprays feel sticky and give off a chemical smell. Citronella might deter them from a small space, but it doesn’t provide extensive protection. What product actually works?

Mosquito repellent incense has become a popular product due to its pleasant aroma and wafting smoke trail. But is it effective? As a New Jersey mosquito control company, our team at Nada Mosquito explores how it works.

What Is Mosquito Repellent Incense?

Like other incense varieties, repellent incense sticks have several layers of various natural ingredients. Manufacturers make incense by dipping thin wooden sticks into different oils and dried herbs numerous times. The natural ingredients used on mosquito sticks include:

  • Citronella
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Bamboo sawdust

Manufacturers claim the formula keeps insects away. The formula may vary depending on the manufacturer.

How It Works

After lighting the tip of the incense stick, you’ll secure it in a designated incense holder. As the ingredients burn, they produce smoke. The smoke travels with the wind, producing a scent that humans find mild and pleasant. Mosquitoes, however, avoid the smell.

Supposedly, the traveling smoke can reach a larger radius than a citronella candle or plant. Additionally, you don’t have to spray your skin with a sticky repellent.

Does It Come With Risks?

Like any product designed to burn, incense does come with some small fire risks. Secure the mosquito repellent incense and all similar products in a non-flammable incense holder. Otherwise, the stick could fall, or the hot ash could catch on paper or dry vegetation, slightly increasing the fire risks.

Otherwise, you have nothing to worry about. Check the ingredients to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction to them. Then, place them on a flat, stable surface.

Is It Effective?

The efficacy of any insect repellent product depends on:

  • The ingredients used and their potency
  • The desired results
  • How you disperse the repellent

Mosquito repellent sticks may keep a limited area mosquito-free. For example, say you and your spouse relax on some lounge chairs in the evening. You could light a couple of incense sticks to keep your relaxation space free from pests temporarily.

But incense is a temporary solution. As soon as the sticks stop burning and the smoke wafts away, the swarm will return. Explore professional mosquito control services for the most effective solution.

Choose Professional Control Services

If your lifestyle involves extensive outdoor living habits, you don’t have time to light stick after stick just to prevent mosquitoes from invading your personal space. A more efficient and effective approach involves professionals.

Mosquito control services treat your property every three weeks during spring and summer. The treatments used are plant-based and capable of preventing mosquito breeding and survival throughout the summer months.

Contact Nada Mosquito for Effective, Safe Control Services

While you can temporarily use mosquito repellent incense or mosquito repellent coils, look into more permanent solutions like Nada Mosquito’s prevention and control regimen. Call 732-743-7129 for safe property treatment options formulated by professionals.