How Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

Mosquitoes in the summer make your outdoor spaces less enjoyable and can even pose health risks. Mosquito misting systems offer an efficient method for repelling these pests and keeping your home protected.

Understanding how these systems work allows you to use them effectively for a long-term solution to mosquitoes in your area. Our staff at Nada Mosquito work as New Jersey’s mosquito control service experts to serve the area with friendly and quality pest control.

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A mosquito misting system is a hands-free system that provides constant protection against mosquitoes in your outdoor spaces. It operates as a series of spray nozzles that work to lightly mist pesticides throughout the air to repel mosquitoes. The nozzles connect to a control center where you can set timed releases or power the system on and off.


Having your misting system installed throughout your lawn or yard requires the expertise of a professional. This installation process includes a few key steps that keep the system safe and effective, including:

  • Consultation: Small or crowded outdoor areas may not allow misting systems. Begin by having an expert determine the best pest control methods for your space.
  • Calibration: Having the machine and nozzles calibrated ensures that it doesn’t distribute more than the maximum daily amount of pesticide indicated on the label.
  • Inspection: Before using your system, have the installation checked to ensure no leaks in the hoses and proper storage and spacing of the pesticides.


Mosquito misting systems serve to repel mosquitos without the need for constant treatments or heavy spraying. Regulating when and how you use your misting system ensures safety for your pets, kids, and neighbors. The EPA’s guide to mosquito misting systems provides information about the safety and uses of this equipment in residential and commercial areas.

Best practices include supplying the system with only minimum-risk pesticides and setting the system to spray during times when pets and kids don’t enter the treatment area. The primary type of insecticide in misting systems includes pyrethrins and permethrin as active ingredients. You can look at the label or talk to an expert to ensure the safest formulas for your home environment.


Many systems can eliminate all adult mosquitoes in an area in approximately four weeks. The direct and consistent application of treatments makes it extremely effective while also making it easy to use.

Setting your misting system to spray during times when mosquitoes appear most active can increase efficiency. Experts recommend setting the system to turn on during the early morning hours and a few hours before sunset.

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Mosquito misting systems can allow you to sit back and relax while the technology does all the work to protect your home from pests. Talk with our licensed experts at Nada Mosquito to learn more about mosquito misting systems or explore alternative methods, like mosquito repellent coils and one-time spray treatments.

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