Here’s How to Identify a Tick Nest in the House

Tick bites are dangerous as you can contract life-threatening tick-borne diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health organizations have published advice to help people avoid these parasites at all stages of their life cycle.

However, while adult ticks are easier to identify, it’s harder to identify their eggs or a tick nest.

Nada Mosquito, the premier tick control company in New Jersey, will discuss how you can identify a tick nest in the house.

What Does a Tick Nest Look Like?

The first thing you should know here is that ticks don’t build your typical nests like rodents, birds, or even spiders.

They find a suitable surface, lay a batch of eggs clumped together like caviar, and leave them to hatch. In terms of size, the egg batch is often less than an inch or the size of a quarter.

Female ticks can lay up to 8,000 eggs in a single batch.

Possible Locations for a Tick Nest in the House

If you have a tick infestation in your house, you can expect to find the batch of eggs in or around the following areas:

  • Pet resting areas or beds. Ticks hitch a ride on pets to enter your home. They may lay eggs around pet beddings to give their larvae a higher chance of success.
  • Pet fur. Ticks can lay eggs on pet fur if it’s thick enough. As you groom your pet, check for adult ticks and a batch of eggs.
  • Hidden corners and crevices. Ticks thrive in dark, humid environments. Check gaps in your walls, loose floorboards, and other such corners for eggs and adult ticks.
  • Gardens and outdoor areas. Ticks also lay eggs underneath grass or shrubs across your landscaping. If they hatch, anyone (or your pet) strolling across the landscape may pick up the ticks and bring them indoors.
  • Storage areas. Cluttered spaces provide ticks with ample room to hide and lay eggs.
  • Dirty fabrics. If you’re in the habit of dumping your hiking wear for weeks without washing until the next one, you may come back to meet a tick nest in your house.

How to Deal with a Tick Nest in the House

When you identify a tick nest in the house, you can carefully remove the batch of eggs while wearing a pair of gloves. Be sure to scrape the eggs into a container without scattering the batch across your floor.

Next, it’s important to vacuum the affected areas and clean surfaces with very hot water to kill any hidden ticks and destroy their eggs.

Unfortunately, if you can see a tick nest in your house, you’ve probably gone past the DIY stage of tick control. It’s best to call in the professionals.

Contact Nada Mosquito for a Tick-Free Living Environment in New Jersey

Ticks live on clothing, pet bedding, furniture, and other such surfaces and will lay eggs on them. If you find a tick nest in the house, don’t panic! Reach out to the Nada Mosquito team in New Jersey at (732) 743-7129 to book an appointment.