Does Lime Keep Ticks Away and How Do You Use It?

Does Lime Keep Ticks Away?

If you have a tick problem in your yard or just want to be proactive, you might start exploring different methods, including lime. But does lime keep ticks away?

When you use it properly, lime can be a useful tick repellant. As the leading provider of tick control services in NJ, our team at Nada Mosquito can help rid your yard of ticks and protect your loved ones.

How Can Lime Keep the Ticks Away From Your Home?

Since lime is one of the primary ingredients for cement, you might wonder how it could help keep ticks away. Lime is effective for a wide range of different pests and is a more affordable alternative to chemical treatments.

Not only can lime keep ticks away, but it can also kill the ones already infesting your yard and help you prevent tick bites.

Which Is Best To Get Rid of Ticks: Hydrated or Agricultural Lime?

If you want to use lime to kill the ticks in your yard and prevent new ones from coming, you need to decide whether to use hydrated or agricultural lime. Both are effective, though agricultural lime is safer.

Many prefer agricultural lime because it does a great job of getting rid of ticks without harming people or pets. Plus, it can kill fleas and other common pests.

Meanwhile, hydrated or slaked lime is caustic, which means it can burn your skin and harm your furry friends. It could also damage your eyes if you’re not careful enough. While it is an effective tick killer and repellant, most prefer agricultural lime.

Using Agricultural Lime Application To Get Rid of Ticks

Does lime keep ticks away? It can be with the right application.

If you’re using lime to eliminate ticks in your yard, put on long pants, gloves, and a hat to protect yourself. You should also use a tick-repellant spray for added protection.

If you have tall grass, mow it down to two or three inches. Ticks love tall grass because it hides them from the sunlight, so cutting it short will help kill them.

Once you’ve cut the grass and trimmed any shrubs, use powdered lime to dust your yard enough to leave a white, snow-like film. You can use a rake to ensure the lime covers more of your grass. Although agricultural lime isn’t harmful to the touch, you don’t want your pets or children accidentally consuming it, so keep them out of the yard until the lime successfully kills the ticks.

Let Nada Mosquito Solve Your Tick Problem

Does lime keep ticks away? While it can be an effective solution to tick infestations, it doesn’t offer guaranteed results. If you want to successfully get rid of the ticks in your yard and keep them out, give our team a call.

If you need help finding a tick nest or removing an infestation, get in touch with our team at Nada Mosquito by calling 732-743-7129. Our solutions are safe for pets and children!