Do Tiki Torches Keep Mosquitoes Away?

If you have an outdoor living space, odds are you want to find ways to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family. Aside from the annoyance, mosquitoes carry harmful illnesses and diseases.

Many homeowners wonder: do tiki torches keep mosquitoes away? The team at Nada Mosquito put together this quick article on mosquitoes and tiki torches.

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Can Tiki Torches Ward Off Mosquitoes?

The answer is yes, sort of. Lit tiki torches with citronella oil will repel mosquitoes but are only really effective at a small range around the torch. To get the most out of their repellent properties, you’d have to stand right next to the torch, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Citronella tiki torches might look nice and accentuate your landscape design perfectly, but they really aren’t that good at getting rid of male or female mosquitoes. They also have a hard time staying lit when it’s windy outside.

The open flame of tiki torches can also pose a safety hazard, so homeowners have an incentive to use a different method of mosquito repellent.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away Without Torches

If torches aren’t working, then what should you do? Below are some other types of mosquito-repellent systems.

Misting Systems

A mosquito misting system is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away. Misting systems consist of a tankless barrel that connects to a series of nozzles and sprayers around your yard and home.

One or two times a day, the system will expel an organic solution that can repel mosquitoes. The benefit of this misting system is that it covers a large area and does not use any harsh chemicals to ward off bugs.

Mosquito Nets

If you don’t have the time or effort to install a mosquito misting system, you can use a mosquito net instead. Mosquito nets consist of dense fabric that keeps mosquitoes out while allowing natural light through. Many also treat their mosquito nets with insecticide to kill trapped bugs.

Why Does Mosquito Control Matter?

Aside from the annoying itchy bug bites, mosquitoes are a prime vector for a number of diseases like West Nile, Zika, EEE, and even malaria. Keeping mosquitoes at bay with a mosquito control solution avoids the risk of contracting these types of mosquito-borne diseases.

Repellent Vs. Insecticide

Many people don’t understand the difference between repellents and insecticides. Mosquito repellents simply confuse mosquitoes and prevent them from smelling lactic acids and carbon dioxide that attract them to their prey. Insecticides outright kill the mosquitoes on contact while also keeping them away. Insecticide systems are better at producing cumulative results to keep you and your family virtually bite-free,

Mosquito Eradication Services in New Jersey

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