Do Ticks Come Out in Rain? Guide to Weather Impact on Ticks

Do Ticks Come Out in the Rain?

Rainy days are necessary for helping plants and vegetation grow, although you might not like the rain because it limits your outdoor activities. Another major downfall of frequent rain is how it impacts the tick season. This begs the question: Do ticks come out in the rain?

Learn the answer in this guide from the experts at Nada Mosquito, a leading tick control company in NJ.

How Wet Weather Impacts the Tick Population

If you experience a drought or unusually dry weather during the summer, pests like fleas and ticks won’t be as prevalent. Summer is known as tick season because temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees are ideal for breeding and make the tick population more active. Rainy or humid conditions often accelerate the breeding process and increase your odds of dealing with tick bites after spending time outside.

Why do ticks come out in the rain? These pests thrive in warm, wet environments. They need sufficient moisture during their breeding cycle as this helps baby ticks grow past the larval stage of development.

In other words, wet weather increases the chance of tick eggs reaching their full development and breeding new pests. The tick population will grow when there is enough moisture to sustain their life cycle.

Can Ticks Die From Too Much Rain?

Heavy rainfall can oversaturate the ground and have damaging effects on certain plants. Although ticks need moisture to survive, is it possible that too much rain will diminish the population? Unfortunately, ticks won’t drown, no matter how much rain falls.

Be mindful of the weather conditions and how they can directly impact the tick population. Even if your area receives minimal rainfall, high humidity levels maintain moisture in the environment, so ticks will still breed.

How Ticks Affect Your Health

According to the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, areas with climates that facilitate tick breeding tend to have higher Lyme disease infection rates. Ticks can latch onto your skin and bite into you for a meal. They carry bacteria that can affect your immune system and, in some cases, infect you with Lyme disease.

Be mindful of your environment and take extra precautions if you’re going outdoors. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to shield your skin from these pesky creatures. Monitor your pets after they go outside since ticks can hide beneath their fur and bite into the skin of your dog or cat.

Consider calling a tick control company to eradicate ticks near your home to keep you and your family safe.

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