Do Mosquitoes Migrate or Hibernate During Winter?

Do Mosquitoes Migrate or Hibernate During Winter?

People often believe that mosquitoes are only cause for concern during the hot summer months, when we spend more time outside. However, not all types of mosquitoes struggle to survive during cold conditions. Mosquitoes are a threat you should stay alert for all year round.

Many property owners ask, “Do mosquitoes migrate or hibernate during winter?” We’re here to answer this question in our brief guide and discuss how mosquitoes survive during winter. After learning about this and why eliminating them from your property is so crucial, reach out to Nada Mosquito to schedule a consultation or appointment for mosquito control in NJ.

Understanding Mosquito Behaviors

The cold-blooded makeup of mosquitoes allows them to change their temperatures and adapt to the climate they’re in. Although they don’t prefer winter conditions and many types cannot last in them, you’ll find many others that use the time to wait for warmer weather.

Similar to bears and animals that prefer sunnier temperatures, some mosquitoes go into hibernation during the winter and come out with an aggressive attitude in the spring. Some mosquitoes lay eggs that hatch in the spring and create more problems for people to resolve.

The largest consequences of these resistant mosquitoes are itchy bites and the spread of dangerous diseases.

Winter Survival Strategies for Mosquitoes

Do mosquitoes migrate or hibernate during winter? While they don’t migrate like many birds, some hibernate and survive with the following:

  • Changing their body temperatures to stay alive during hibernation
  • Laying eggs that will develop and thrive after the winter is over
  • Resting in nests and dens to survive cold weather

The Importance of Tackling Mosquito Problems

Since mosquitoes prove extremely resilient in winter and are a huge issue during the summer, staying diligent and making an effort to stop them is essential. Allowing them to go unchecked and without any treatment can lead to significant issues. Mosquitoes are responsible for disease transmission and can impact the comfort and safety of you and your loved ones. You must take care of any vulnerabilities that mosquitoes can exploit for their benefit, leaving no room for their eggs to survive.

One of the best ways to resolve this problem is to address any landscape problems on your property and work with a mosquito control team. Mosquito specialists can customize treatment plans to address concerns with your property, climate, and types of mosquitoes plaguing your home. From using the latest technologies and safe insecticides to arriving for monthly applications, these professionals are some of your best resources for decreasing and eliminating the mosquito population on your property. Reaching out to them immediately is key.

Take Care of Your Mosquito Trouble With Nada Mosquito’s Professional Services in New Jersey

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