Do Mosquitoes Come Out in the Rain?

Here in New Jersey, the mosquito season lasts as long as heat and humidity are prevalent, from April to October. During this time, mosquitoes are active, especially the females looking to supply protein via mammal blood to their eggs. If you can’t leave your home without getting bit, you may be hoping some weather at least deters them, leaving you to wonder, “Do mosquitoes come out in the rain?”

Our family-friendly company has spent years providing mosquito treatments in New Jersey via numerous successful treatment options. Between our extensive experience and the fact that we require all our technicians to take classes and training, we have a sound understanding of how these pests function. Therefore, trust us to explain mosquito habits and how to deter them.

Rain: Mosquito Friend or Foe?

Some believe since mosquitoes love humidity, the rain creates a perfect environment for them. Others feel maneuvering droplets may be too much for these weak flyers, keeping them grounded throughout the storm. Unfortunately, they keep going in light rainfall because they have a small body mass and strong exoskeletons that allow them to survive getting hit by droplets multiple times their size.

That means the females are still searching for protein, and your chances of getting bit remain high. However, if the rain becomes too lashing, they take shelter with the other flying insects in dark, dry places. While this may seem like a blessing, that shelter could be on your front porch, home, or yard, leaving them to ride out the storm with you.

Either way, not only do mosquitoes fly in the rain, but female mosquitoes can continue the hunt.

After the Storm

If mosquito bites often occur during rainstorms where you live, batten down the hatches for the calm afterward. Rain settles in the rims of old tires, watering cans, kiddie pools, and empty plant pots, creating perfect breeding conditions for the females.

They come out of hiding to lay their eggs in the stagnant water and procure more blood for developing new ones. Within two days, the eggs hatch, and a new swarm invades your property. That’s why you should take the necessary measures in preventing mosquito bites:

· Remove standing water, no matter how little an amount it seems, from bird baths and dog bowls to rain gutters and other places water remains after a storm.

· Keep the brush at bay since they like long foliage to hide in.

· Wear long, lighter-colored clothes and bug spray to prevent mosquitoes from biting.

Your Best Defense Against the Enemy!

Our mosquito and tick control company understands mosquitoes are one of the biggest insect nuisances on the East Coast. To combat them, we offer hassle-free services at affordable prices and guarantee immediate results once our mobile vans pull up to your residence. We’ll help keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels and other hiding places on your property, eradicating all mosquito breeding grounds.

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