Do Mosquito Traps Work? | Are Mosquito Zappers Effective?

Mosquitoes are nuisances every time they reemerge each year. But do mosquito traps work so you can rid yourself of these pesky insects? Setting up traps around your home can be an effective way to eliminate a few mosquitoes.

This guide covers what you should know about the different types of mosquito traps, how they capture mosquitoes, and when to call a mosquito control company for help.

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How Mosquito Traps Work

Mosquito traps attract host-seeking female mosquitoes with enticing elements such as light, heat, or smell. This bait lures the mosquito to the trap, containing and killing them.

Traps ultimately serve as mosquito magnets, and when working properly, can effectively eliminate large numbers of the surrounding population. They require maintenance to keep up with an active mosquito population.

You can power most traps through an electrical outlet, but these often cover only a small outdoor space, so you may need to invest in several traps to provide pest control solutions.

Types of Mosquito Traps

Different methods exist for trapping mosquitos. One of the most effective mosquito traps uses carbon dioxide to lure insects.

Every breath you take puts out carbon dioxide into the air. Mosquitoes pinpoint the smell and track down humans based on their carbon dioxide output. Traps that produce carbon dioxide are an excellent way to attract nearby mosquitoes and control them so you aren’t left to suffer from their bites.

Other popular lures include heat, which typically is emitted by using propane gas and light. But how do mosquito traps work once the pest flies to them? Traps either contain mosquitoes on a sticky surface, suck them into a closed space, or electrocute them on a grid.

Potential Control Issues

Mosquito traps do work to control mosquito infestations. However, different traps can present issues with their control methods.

Carbon dioxide and propane heat traps attract lots of mosquitoes, which could bring more of them to your home. On the other hand, traps with a light attractant may wind up luring more moths or other insects and leave mosquitoes at large.

Focusing on only adult mosquitoes does not stop the population either. Most home traps do not account for any laid eggs nearby that result in more mosquitoes.

You can make your mosquito traps more effective by placing traps in ideal spots, performing regular maintenance, or enlisting pest control experts.

When to Call for Professional Help

If you have trouble operating or maintaining a trap or find that it attracts an overwhelming number of mosquitoes, bring in an expert for help. Trained pest control technicians have the training, skills, and proper equipment to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

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