Can Ticks Survive in Water or Do They Drown?

Warm weather beckons many people outside, whether to hike, swim, or take part in other outdoor activities. Whether you stay in your own backyard or venture out to mountains, lakes, and parks, ticks can quickly make your summer less fun. Finding one of these little critters stuck in your skin, or that of a family member or furry friend, may make you wonder, “Can ticks survive in water?”

After all, nearly every other animal drowns when left in water for too long. Unfortunately, the only real way to get rid of ticks and avoid them consists of taking preventative measures against them. Learn about the truth of ticks and drowning from the tick control experts in New Jersey.

Dispelling Myths About Ticks and Water

Many myths surround how water can affect ticks, so understanding the truth of how these creatures interact with that element can help you avoid tick-borne diseases.

Can You Drown a Tick in Water?

Yes, if you have long periods of time to wait. Ticks can survive over 48 hours submerged in water, making this method unhelpful for ticks already attached to you. Even dropping a detached tick into a container of water won’t affect them for quite some time.

Asking, “Can ticks survive in water” spurred on the experiment that discovered how they do it. Ticks breathe through tiny holes in their bodies. When placed underwater, oxygen becomes trapped in small bubbles along tiny hairs on their legs. These critters can then breathe using that oxygen, helping them not to drown.

Can Ticks Survive Chlorinated or Salt Water?

While some insects can’t survive long in salt water or a chlorinated pool, ticks have the ability to withstand these conditions. These types of water also won’t dissuade ticks from hanging out around them, allowing these insects to burrow in sand, climb on wooden decks, and drop onto swimmers from tree limbs above.

Does Swimming or Bathing Kill Ticks?

No, swimming or bathing won’t kill ticks that have attached to your body. Unattached ticks can easily wash away, but once they’ve gotten a hold of your skin, you can’t get them off in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool.

Will Hot Water Kill Ticks?

Water at temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit can kill ticks, but trying to use water that hot to rid your skin of ticks can cause skin damage and burns. You can use hot water to kill ticks you have already pulled off of your body or that of your pet, but otherwise, this method won’t help you take ticks out of your skin.

Kill Ticks Before They Latch with Nada Mosquito in New Jersey

Ticks bring many problems ranging from allergic reactions to a heightened risk of infection. Families trying to deal with tick issues may ask, “Can ticks survive in water?” Since they can, your best option is to spray your yard for the insects before they reproduce.

From spraying against them to installing plants that repel ticks, contact Nada Mosquito in New Jersey at (732) 743-7129 for reliable tick control.