Can Ticks Fall out of Trees? Here’s What to Know

Can Ticks Fall out of Trees?

Ticks are tiny arachnids that have amassed a scary reputation over the years for good reasons. They transmit Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other such diseases. With more people learning to be wary of ticks, numerous myths have been propagated around them.

One common myth claims that ticks fall from trees and onto unsuspecting victims. What’s the reality, though? Can ticks fall out of trees?

Nada Mosquito, the premier tick control company in New Jersey, discusses the details in this post.

How Ticks Latch Onto Humans

Ticks thrive in areas with leaf litter, tall grass, and low-lying shrubs. From there, they stay patient until they can find a host.

These arachnids have perfected the art of questing—an ambush strategy that allows them to find a victim by simply stretching out their front legs while anchored to vegetation with their hind legs. Think of it as stretching out your hand to flag down a vehicle for help when yours breaks down.

However, in the case of ticks, they don’t need any permission to get on a host and cause symptoms.

They hold out their front legs, which contain organs that can sense heat and carbon dioxide, and will latch onto you as soon as you brush up against them. Therefore, they almost always attach to the legs and arms first.

They can’t leap or jump. Most of the problem ticks can’t see either. So the idea that they wait in the trees to stalk humans and jump down on them is one you should file next to the other common myths about these pests.

How Do Ticks Reach the Scalp Then?

Most people asking, “Can trees fall out of trees?” often do so because they can’t find an explanation for ticks getting into their hair. However, there’s a pretty simple explanation. Ticks can travel up to ten feet to find a feeding spot.

So, when they grab onto your covered legs and arms, they will crawl slowly for hours until they can find the first patch of skin. In most cases, this would be around your neck. Ticks love shade, so they’ll always crawl a bit further into the hair before they start feeding.

Is It Impossible for Ticks To Fall out of Trees?

Ticks can fall out of trees. However, the chances of one falling out of the tree onto you are extremely low. Even if it does happen, it’s purely accidental and nothing more.

Ticks can get high up into tree canopies by hitching a ride on rodents like squirrels and birds. By the time they fall off, they are almost likely engorged and not looking to latch onto a host.

Get Professional Tick Treatment From Your Local Pros

Are you asking, “Can ticks fall out of trees?” because you’ve found ticks in your hair days after spending time outdoors? The more plausible explanation is that you have a tick infestation.

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