Can a Tick Get In Your Ear?

Ticks are tiny yet treacherous creatures that can take hold of an animal or human without drawing much attention to themselves. These blood-sucking pests can make their way into tight areas that many others couldn’t enter without causing alarm, but can a tick get in your ear?

Below, Nada Mosquito explains more about tick behavior and whether they would possibly crawl into an ear if given half the chance. As one of New Jersey’s leading tick and mosquito control companies, this team is the best choice for professional tick control services in NJ. So, don’t hesitate to contact them for mosquito and tick control solutions.

What are Ticks?

Don’t let a tick’s size fool you; they are very dangerous parasites that can latch onto your body and infect you with several serious diseases. These diseases wreak havoc on your health rather quickly, even causing severe flu-like symptoms within ten to fourteen days.

Some of the diseases ticks spread include the following:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Tularemia
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Powassan

However, the problem is that these infections can be fatal if you don’t address them promptly or recognize that they’ve come from a tick. Additionally, since ticks start out small before they’re filled with your blood, many people don’t notice them until it’s too late. That’s why it’s essential to protect yourself from ticks during New Jersey’s tick season (spring and summer) and eliminate any ticks in the yard that could threaten your health.

So, Can Ticks Enter Ears?

Ticks have no problem getting into small crevices, but can a tick get in your ear without you noticing? Absolutely. Although rare, when one of these ticks crawls into the ear canal, it will take shelter there for a short period (this is known as otoacariasis).

When a tick crawls into your ear, the problem is that it can burrow into your ear drum. The action may cause you dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus, earaches, and much more. Unfortunately, at this point, removing the tick will often require surgical intervention, though this isn’t always necessary.

However, you will always need to seek medical help for otoacariasis. A doctor will help remove the tick and give you a treatment plan to help you recover. Don’t wait; the longer the tick stays inside your ear, the higher the chances that you will catch a tick-borne disease.

Tick Control Tips

Fortunately, New Jersey residents can protect themselves from ticks in a variety of ways. For example, below are a few tips to keep ticks at bay:

  • Wear long clothing when hiking in the woods.
  • Use DEET spray on your sleeves, cuffs, and collar.
  • Take a shower right after spending time in natural surroundings.
  • Check your pets for ticks after they play outside during tick season.

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