Burning Coffee Grounds to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: Does It Work?

No one likes mosquitoes. These buzzing insects are a nuisance for many New Jersey residents, particularly during humid summer days. As a result, several folks resort to popular home solutions, such as burning coffee grounds to get rid of mosquitoes.

The reason is simple: coffee grounds stink and can keep mosquitoes away.

Nada Mosquito, a team of mosquito control experts in New Jersey, explains how to use coffee grounds to get rid of mosquitoes, plus other pest control tactics to try.

How to Use Coffee Grounds to Deter Mosquitoes

Many of us enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, but mosquitoes hate anything with a strong smell. This makes coffee seem like the perfect way to combat mosquitoes, thanks to its bold aroma. This mainly applies to regular coffee grounds, not flavored coffee, instant coffee powder, or K-Cups.

To get the most out of your coffee grounds, try burning them in a skillet to release an even stronger aroma. Then sprinkle them throughout the perimeter of your yard or affected areas, ideally on a flat surface.

Keep in mind that coffee grounds can be dangerous to pets or local wildlife when ingested, so it’s best to place the grounds in hard-to-reach areas.

Do Coffee Grounds Kill Mosquitoes or Just Repel Them?

Coffee grounds are somewhat limited in their functionality as a mosquito repellant. They act more as a potential deterrent than a means to outright eliminate mosquitoes and other pests.

Though usable as a way to inhibit egg growth, coffee grounds won’t kill mosquito larvae and won’t prevent mosquitoes from coming back. The best solution for eliminating mosquitoes is to contact a mosquito control company like Nada Mosquito.

Dangers of Mosquitoes to Your Family and Pets

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mosquito fact sheet, over 200 kinds of mosquitoes exist and about a dozen of them can spread germs. That might not seem like a concerning number, but infections through bug bites are still possible.

Outbreaks from disease-carrying mosquitoes have happened as well, such as the Zika virus and Dengue fever. For these reasons, it’s important to take precautions and keep your home pest-free.

Contact a New Jersey Pest Control Company to Control Mosquitoes This Summer

Is burning coffee grounds to get rid of mosquitoes a viable solution? If you do it right, coffee grounds can work well with other best practices, such as turning your compost pile to reduce standing water. Do you need more pest control tips on how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool this summer? Our team at Nada Mosquito has you covered.

Nada Mosquito offers pest-repelling services throughout New Jersey, including mosquito treatment plans and solutions that are safe for kids and pets. Our licensed team is equipped to deliver the service you need.

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