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Can Ticks Survive in Water or Do They Drown?
05/29/23 10:34 am

Warm weather beckons many people outside, whether to hike, swim, or take part in other outdoor activities. Whether you stay in your own backyard or venture out to mountains, lakes, and parks, ticks can quickly make your summer less fun. Finding one of these little critters stuck in your skin, or that of a family […]

How To Dispose of a Tick the Safe Way
05/22/23 10:25 am

As summer kicks into full gear, ticks start coming out for a meal. Whether they find your ankles while you walk through a field or latch on to your hair as you duck under a branch, finding and removing a tick requires safely disposing of it. While many methods on how to dispose of a […]

Are Mosquitoes More Active at Night?
05/15/23 10:16 am

In short, yes, mosquitoes are most active at night—but why? Understanding mosquito activity can help you prepare for dealing with these insects while minimizing exposure to you and your family. If you wonder, “Are mosquitoes more active at night?” learn why, what else affects these insects’ activity levels, and the importance of scheduling expert mosquito control […]

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From the Pool
05/08/23 1:33 pm

Nothing ruins an evening in your backyard like swarms of mosquitoes. Families who own a pool know that the source of so much summer fun often attracts great swarms of mosquitoes, biting arms and legs and making people pass on an evening barbecue for a safer interior. If you often wonder how to keep mosquitoes […]

Managing Ticks Inside the House: Five Tips
04/21/23 2:23 pm

Ticks can cause several problems, and when they get inside your home, it increases the risks of bites and diseases. Luckily, you can implement a few key steps to prevent ticks from entering your home. If you experience ticks inside your house, you may benefit from the services of New Jersey’s tick control experts at Nada Mosquito. We […]

Everything You Need to Know About Tick Bites and Lyme Disease
04/14/23 2:20 pm

Spending time in nature has many benefits, but certain conditions can pose health risks. Ticks bites can cause a host of problems, including the transmission of Lyme disease. Developing awareness about tick bites and Lyme disease helps with prevention and early intervention for increased safety. Our team at Nada Mosquito provides expert tick control service in […]

How Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?
04/08/23 12:31 pm

Mosquitoes in the summer make your outdoor spaces less enjoyable and can even pose health risks. Mosquito misting systems offer an efficient method for repelling these pests and keeping your home protected. Understanding how these systems work allows you to use them effectively for a long-term solution to mosquitoes in your area. Our staff at […]

The Key Differences Between DIY Mosquito Control and Professional Services
04/01/23 12:17 pm

Unfortunately, spending time outside in the summer often means sharing that space with mosquitoes. Keeping the bugs away can make your time outdoors more enjoyable and protect you from diseases. As a homeowner, you might consider professional or DIY mosquito control services to protect your home. While both methods serve the same purpose, they include […]

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To: A Brief Guide
03/22/23 11:57 am

What are mosquitoes attracted to? Anyone to suffer from itchy mosquito bites knows these pesky insects can’t seem to get away from human skin. Find out the different reasons these nuisance bugs love to feast on you and the science behind it. Even if the mosquitoes are biting, Nada Mosquito, a mosquito control company in New Jersey, […]

Do Ticks Lay Eggs on Humans? No—Here’s Where Ticks Lay Eggs
03/16/23 11:52 am

Do ticks lay eggs on humans? It can be scary to think about, but these pests pose health risks if they latch onto you. Learn what you need regarding a tick’s life cycle and how it impacts you. Nada Mosquito offers quality services for tick control in New Jersey to rid your home of ticks and their […]

10 Plants That Repel Ticks Naturally | Plants Ticks Hate
03/08/23 11:49 am

Ticks feed on hosts and carry diseases that can harm both humans and animals. Luckily, if you fill your garden with plants that repel ticks, you can add natural and beautiful protection against these pests. By deterring ticks, you reduce your risk of contracting Lyme disease and other harmful illnesses ticks carry. For ideal protection, […]

Do Mosquito Traps Work? | Are Mosquito Zappers Effective?
03/01/23 11:48 am

Mosquitoes are nuisances every time they reemerge each year. But do mosquito traps work so you can rid yourself of these pesky insects? Setting up traps around your home can be an effective way to eliminate a few mosquitoes. This guide covers what you should know about the different types of mosquito traps, how they […]

Can Dogs Get Sick From Mosquito Bites?
02/22/23 3:05 pm

Can dogs get sick from mosquito bites like humans can? Let’s take a look at the facts about mosquito-borne diseases and what you can do to eliminate these pests with help from Nada Mosquito — a mosquito control company in New Jersey offering pest control services you can afford. Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs? When you take your […]

Where Are Ticks Most Commonly Found? | Where Do Ticks Live?
02/15/23 3:02 pm

If you’ve ever been hiking, it’s likely that your guide encouraged you to check for ticks afterward. Ticks feed and thrive on the blood of mammals, including humans and pets. Even worse, these pests carry various diseases that can plague hosts for a lifetime. While it’s common to find ticks in wooded and grassy areas, these pests […]

Mosquito Repellent Coils: Are They Safe?
02/08/23 2:58 pm

You might see mosquito repellent coils in the store and wonder if they are safe to use around your children, pets, and loved ones. Our mosquito control experts explain what ingredients you might find in these coils and explore their efficacy and safety in comparison to other mosquito repellent methods. What Are Mosquito Coils Made Of? Most […]

Are Ticks Attracted to Certain Blood Types?
02/01/23 2:56 pm

Have you ever been hiking and found a little black bug lodged in your neck afterward? If so, then you’ve experienced a tick bite. Not only can these bites be uncomfortable, but they also put you at risk for various tick-borne diseases. Many want to know how to prevent tick bites to avoid contracting chronic illnesses […]

How Long Does a Mosquito Live? – What You Need To Know
01/19/23 11:29 pm

The summer months are by far the most comfortable for most people. The warm weather allows you to spend more time outdoors, embarking on new adventures or relaxing with your family. However, those evening BBQ sessions can quickly become uncomfortable when the mosquitoes descend. If you’ve eliminated stagnant water and tried every DIY approach to […]

How To Prevent Ticks and Fleas on a Dog: Best Practices
01/15/23 11:27 pm

Ticks and fleas cause many health problems for dogs. Therefore, you must explore ways to keep them away from your home and off your dog’s fur. As the premier provider of tick control services in New Jersey, we always recommend how to prevent ticks and fleas on dogs to locals. We’ll share the details below. […]

How Long Can a Tick Live Without a Host?
01/10/23 11:25 pm

Ticks are a major concern during the warmer months. They attach to you or your pets and may hang on to your clothes waiting for an opportunity to reach your skin. They are also stubborn to get rid of because they mostly feed on blood. But how long can a tick live without a host? […]

How Fast Do Mosquitoes Reproduce? – A Brief Guide
01/05/23 11:23 pm

Eliminating mosquitoes often feels like an impossible task. They seem to overcome any difficulties you place in their path—at least on paper. In reality, mosquitoes are not resilient. They only seem to thrive because new mosquito populations replace dying ones in a seemingly endless loop. So, how fast do mosquitoes reproduce? Your mosquito control experts […]

Common Diseases From Tick Bites
12/28/22 11:23 pm

An infected tick can spread many diseases when they bite humans. The sooner you recognize you have one, the sooner you can receive treatment from a doctor. The symptoms of any tick-based disease can be painful, with potential complications. However, tick-borne diseases are curable if you know the signs and catch them early. Nada Mosquito […]

Do Ticks Die in the Winter?
12/20/22 11:00 pm

Some pests die off in the winter due to the lack of heat. Others have adapted to find means of survival during the cold months. So do ticks die in the winter? Unfortunately, many ticks are able to find warmth, even when temperatures drop extremely low. That means you must stay aware of potential ticks […]

What Are the Best Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away?
12/10/22 10:58 pm

Mosquitos are a significant nuisance, especially when they appear in large numbers. If you have standing water near your property, you might see swarms of mosquitos, some of which make their way indoors. If this is the case, you’ve probably looked for the best solutions. While treatments and repellents can be effective, natural solutions are […]

How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last?
12/01/22 10:53 pm

When the weather gets warm, mosquitos start to appear in numbers. They swarm, annoy, and eventually bite you. Mosquito bites are incredibly itchy, making you want to constantly scratch at the red bumps they leave behind.  So how long do mosquito bites last? Typically, mosquito bites fade away relatively quickly, and you might not even […]

What Does a Tick Look Like: Brief Guide
11/28/22 11:25 pm

Despite their size, ticks are among the most harmful parasites humans can encounter outdoors. These arachnids carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other harmful toxins. So, what does a tick look like in the wild? At Nada Mosquito, we can help you learn how to identify these pests. Our technicians have years of […]

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch: A Short Guide
11/20/22 11:23 pm

Do you feel a sudden itch on your arms, legs, or torso after spending time outside? If so, you might have a mosquito bite.  Why do mosquito bites itch so much? Nada Mosquito is here to help you understand this common problem. We are a New Jersey mosquito control company dedicated to keeping families and their pets […]

What to Do If You Find a Tick on You?
11/10/22 11:20 pm

Warm weather means more time spent outdoors and a greater likelihood of finding a tick on you. New Jersey tick control experts can quickly address and safely remove these small insects from your property. Our team at Nada Mosquito knows what to do if you find a tick on you and offers our experienced tips. It is […]

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites: Best Practices
11/01/22 11:17 pm

Mosquitos are one of nature’s most annoying parasites. These insects thrive in humid climates and suck the blood of their hosts to survive. Learning how to prevent mosquito bites can protect you from itchy skin reactions and disease. Nada Mosquito offers reliable mosquito control services in New Jersey. Below, our technicians discuss the best practices to […]

Ticks, Risks to your Pets
12/30/21 5:20 pm

Ticks are becoming risks as the days get longer, and your furry friend especially loves playing in your yard, what pup doesn’t love a good sun beam! Unfortunately, ticks are risks to your pet and make your yard one of the most dangerous spots for all visitors. Join us as we break it down Ticks: […]

3 Reasons To Go Mosquito-Free This Season
12/30/21 5:20 pm

You’ve seen neighbors give their yards the pest-free treatment – This season, it’s your turn! Mosquito and Tick Control is your key to getting the most out of Summer, safely and stress-free. The benefits of getting treatments by Nada Mosquito are endless, but here’s just Three Reasons To Go Mosquito-Free This Season. Safety of Loved […]

Mosquitos, The World’s Deadliest Animal
08/15/18 11:50 am

A mosquito bite can lead to more than just an itch and its why the mosquitos are the worlds deadliest animal. With each mosquito bite comes the risk of disease, allergic reactions, and other health issues to your family and pets. Keep your loved ones safe and make sure you’re aware of just some of […]