Are Mosquitoes More Active at Night?

In short, yes, mosquitoes are most active at night—but why? Understanding mosquito activity can help you prepare for dealing with these insects while minimizing exposure to you and your family. If you wonder, “Are mosquitoes more active at night?” learn why, what else affects these insects’ activity levels, and the importance of scheduling expert mosquito control service in New Jersey.

Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

Mosquitoes require cooler conditions to flourish comfortably. While some species of mosquitoes come out in the daytime, they prefer to stick to shady areas, including those provided by trees and porch covers. All species of mosquitoes enjoy searching for food during the morning and dusk. Both times provide ample opportunity for sticking to the shade.

Sunlight can dehydrate these insects, which is why they prefer cooler portions of the day. A mosquito can feed on you anytime, but dawn and dusk increase the risk of mosquito bites.

Does Weather Affect Mosquito Activity?

The weather affects many types of insects, including mosquitoes. Warm, humid conditions attract mosquitoes, as this sort of weather allows them to move easily without dehydration. They also have an increased chance of finding stagnant water, the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and begin the life cycle of a new generation of mosquitoes.

These insects won’t necessarily hide during the rain, but if temperatures climb higher than 80 degrees, mosquitoes fly more slowly. During cold weather, they hibernate.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Dangerous?

The question “Are mosquitoes more active at night?” may come up among those concerned about the diseases easily passed on by mosquitoes. Yellow fever, dengue fever, and Zika virus are among the most common diseases associated with mosquito bites. These illnesses can kill if not caught in time while putting sufferers through uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms.

How To Get Ready for Mosquito Season

The best way to avoid mosquitoes during outdoor activities is to take preventative measures. Review the following tips to get ready for the onslaught:

Use Colored Light Bulbs

One of the effective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay is to install yellow, pink, or orange bulbs. The wavelengths of these colors don’t attract mosquitoes the way typical outdoor lights will.

Keep Repellent Handy

Insect repellents keep mosquitoes from landing on you, saving you from the hassle of swatting them away—and losing the battle.

Prepare Your Yard

Keeping your yard clear of stagnant water and having professional pest control specialists spray down the landscape keeps mosquitoes from reproducing so you can reclaim your space.

Get Ready for Mosquito Season With Professional Pest Control

Are mosquitoes more active at night? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it. Using the right methods, you can enjoy an evening free from itchy red bites.

Nada Mosquito can help you maintain a safer yard and enjoy your evenings or mornings outside again. Whether you want immediate mosquito control or answers to questions like how mosquitoes reproduce, you can call Nada Mosquito in New Jersey at (732) 743-7129.