Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain Blood Types?

Mosquitoes are irritating pests that can overtake your property and leave itchy, sensitive bites along your body. Although most New Jersey residents experience mosquito bites every now and again, some attract mosquitoes more than others, causing many people to wonder, “Are mosquitoes attracted to certain blood types?”

To find out, Nada Mosquito put together a short guide explaining mosquito attraction and why they target some people more than others.

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

Are mosquitoes attracted to certain blood types? Many people believe mosquitoes attack the first person they see and don’t have specific blood type preferences. However, research shows mosquitoes prefer certain blood types over others, making some New Jersey residents more susceptible to bites.

Mosquitoes tend to gravitate and bite residents with Type O blood more than other blood types. In fact, people with Type O blood are twice as likely to experience mosquito bites.

Other Factors That Attract Mosquitoes

Your blood type isn’t the only thing that entices mosquitoes. Several other non-genetic and genetic factors can make you more appetizing to the vexing pest, as well. Below are some additional factors that attract mosquitoes.


New Jersey residents with high metabolisms are much more prone to mosquito bites. People with high metabolisms produce more carbon dioxide, especially after exercising or becoming pregnant. Mosquitoes use carbon dioxide to locate their prey, causing them to gravitate to people with higher metabolisms.

Lactic Acid

People who produce high amounts of lactic acid are also more prone to mosquito bites. Your skin secretes specific chemicals depending on your DNA makeup. If you have Type O blood and produce more lactic acid, you will be more of a mosquito magnet than others.

Clothing Color

Sometimes, your clothing color determines your vulnerability to mosquitoes. Dark colors like black, red, and navy attract mosquitoes more than light colors. These colors also generate more heat, increasing their mosquito attraction.

Wearing lightly-colored clothes will make you less attractive to mosquitoes during outdoor activities.

Skin Temperature

Mosquitoes like warm, damp environments and typically target sweaty people with high skin temperatures. As your skin temperature rises, your body produces more sweat that contains lactic acid, making you more susceptible to mosquitoes.

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